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Experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney and bankruptcy lawyer John M. Kenney has served his community on multiple fronts. His wide range of practice areas proves useful to the residents of Langhorne, Morrisville, Levittown, and other Bucks County communities because legal decisions related to one area of a person's life can significantly impact another area. Most Pennsylvania residents have complex lives and need legal help in more than one context. A single legal event can set off a chain reaction. With a reputation for straight-shooting, Mr. Kenney gives his clients the opportunity to have all their legal issues handled comprehensively by one person. This ensures that strategic decisions in all practice areas are consistent with each other, and promote a client's long-term goals and objectives.

For example, a criminal DUI conviction can have an impact on a child custody battle, housing, debt problems, and other legal concerns. Perhaps your ex-spouse plans to use your DUI guilty plea to prove that you are not a fit parent. A few years ago, Pennsylvania updated child custody laws so that a DUI guilty plea or conviction must be considered under 23 Pa.C.S. § 5329 by a judge determining child custody. Knowing this, a lawyer that represents you both in negotiations with the prosecutor and your ex-wife's attorney may push harder to have the prosecutor dismiss the charge against you or may take your case to trial.

The revised law requires the judge to consider guilty pleas and criminal convictions of all members of your household when determining whether a child will be safe in your home. The adverse consequences of pleading guilty and possibly having to pay restitution will likely be clear to a lawyer who is aware of your family law status.

Similarly, if a Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyer is helping you file for bankruptcy and is also arranging a plea deal in a criminal matter for you, he will have a better understanding of what agreements you may or may not be able to fulfill, such as payment of restitution. At the end of personal bankruptcy proceedings under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, most personal debts will be discharged.

However, a certain number cannot be discharged unless you can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances that take precedence over public policy. Payment of criminal restitution is one of these automatically nondischargeable debts. An attorney who understands your financial and family situations will work harder to strike a deal with the prosecution that you are able to fulfill or take your case to trial.

Retain a Trustworthy Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Attorney

Since 1984, Mr. Kenney has been a respected member of the southeastern Pennsylvania legal community. He offers legal services to individuals and families primarily in the following areas: real estate, personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, estate planning, and criminal law. The average person will likely encounter at least a few of these areas in his or her lifetime.

Clients appreciate Mr. Kenney's straight talk, honesty, and aggressive advocacy. He does not promise more than what's actually possible and he clearly explains all the positive and negative consequences of any legal action. Some lawyers speak in a style that only another lawyer would understand. If you don't understand what your lawyer is saying, how can you evaluate the situation and what you want your lawyer to do for you? Mr. Kenney does everything he can to help you make a fully informed decision.

The Law Firm of John M. Kenney, P.C. serves clients dealing with bankruptcy, moving violations, criminal matters, DUIs, and more in Bristol, Langhorne, throughout Bucks County, and around Pennsylvania. His straightforward approach ensures that you understand your problem as well as the possible ways to fix that problem. Mr. Kenney is associated with several teams of capable attorneys in the community. If you need legal assistance in an area in which Mr. Kenney does not practice, he can refer you to a knowledgeable attorney with whom he is associated. For a free initial consultation, contact experienced Bucks County bankruptcy lawyer and criminal defense attorney John M. Kenney at (215) 547-3031 or by completing our online form.

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John M. Kenney, Esq.
John M. Kenney, Esq.

Pennsylvania attorney John M. Kenney has been practicing law in southeastern Pennsylvania since 1983. He has extensive experience representing clients across a variety of legal areas including criminal defense, bankruptcy, personal injury and family law.

A native of Bucks County, Mr. Kenney is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania as well as in New Jersey. After first working in a medium-sized general practice law firm in New Jersey, Mr. Kenney returned to Pennsylvania to open his own, client-focused firm.

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