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ARD Programs in Pennsylvania for DUI Offenses

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) is a probationary program for those charged for the first time non violent offense including an offense such as DUI. The program differs from other programs in that the District Attorney has the sole discretion of not only deciding whether you will be admitted into the program but also determining the conditions which will apply in the event you are accepted. If you are accepted you will have complete a non reporting probation period, community service and payment of court costs after which your DUI criminal charges will not result in a conviction and your arrest record will be eligible for expungement. The charges will however remain on your driving record for purposes of calculating future sentences and penalties. You can participate in ARD only if there was no accident, injuries or fatalities or other aggravating events associated with your DUI and if you had valid credentials such as a valid drivers license, registration and car insurance.. You won't be admitted to ARD if a minor under age 14 was in the vehicle when you were pulled over for a DUI. An experienced Bucks County DUI defense lawyer can evaluate your case and negotiate to get you into ARD rather than jail. Mr. Kenney has defended and resolved DUI cases in Bristol, Morrisville, Fairless Hills, Yardley, Langhorne and Levittown for over 30 years.

What is the Purpose of ARD?

The purpose of ARD is to rehabilitate those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. . First offenders are eligible for ARD assuming no serious injuries or deaths resulted from their drunk driving and they did not seriously breach the public trust. ARD allows for early intervention. First offenders, unlike many repeat offenders, are believed to be more susceptible to treatment and rehabilitation. During the program, participants are encouraged to make a fresh start and if they successfully complete the program, they are given a clean record. Second, ARD is more efficient and uses fewer resources than trials and other lengthy court proceedings.

How Does ARD Work?

Those who face first offense DUI charges in Levittown or elsewhere in Pennsylvania are not automatically admitted into the ARD program. The district attorney screens candidates and decides whether a particular individual will be admitted. A defendant must agree to various conditions such as making restitution and completing substance abuse counseling in order to be admitted. While participating in ARD, the defendant will be supervised and will be required to perform community service.

A defendant doesn't have to concede wrongdoing, to be admitted. The court will not fine a defendant who participates in ARD, but will impose court costs and assessments. The majority of participants are first offenders arrested for a DUI.

Participants may be involved with ARD for up to 2 years. After the program is completed, the participant petitions the court to have the charges dismissed. He or she can also ask to have the case expunged from his or her record. However, a participant that doesn't comply with program conditions may be removed from the program. In those cases, charges are reinstated and the defendant 's case is placed back on the trial calendar.

Retain a Langhorne Criminal Defense Attorney to Participate in ARD

If you want to be considered for ARD, you must complete an application before your arraignment. In order to avoid losing this opportunity, you should retain a local attorney to represent you in criminal charges as soon as possible. As a local Bucks County DUI defense attorney, Mr. Kenney is familiar with judges and district attorneys and can work to help you get admitted to ARD or effectively represent you at trial, if necessary. For a free initial consultation, contact experienced our office at (215) 547-3031 or by completing our online form.

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