Bensalem Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney

Since 1984, Bensalem Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney John M. Kenney has represented thousands of people who were the victims of negligence of 18-wheeler drivers and their companies. He has represented the families of the victims who were killed as well. In addition to practicing all other types of personal injury law, Mr. Kenney knows that severe injuries occur from being involved in a collision with a massive 18-wheeler. People are seriously injured and die every day on Pennsylvania and New Jersey highways due to the negligence of 18-wheeler drivers.

There are many different types of injuries that can occur as a result of being involved in a motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheeler. One of the most common is to be crushed under the weight of a loaded trailer, which could weigh upwards of 50000 lbs. when fully loaded. Two ways that you could be crushed is if the 18-wheeler ran up an embankment with the tires on one side of the truck and then flipped on its side on top of an automobile that was traveling next to it.

Another way to be crushed would be if an 18-wheeler made a right-hand turn from the left-hand lane while at the same time an automobile was trying to pass it on the right. When this happens, the rear wheels of the 18-wheeler can literally run over the adjacent car on the right killing its occupants.

Yet another way to be crushed underneath the weight of an 18-wheeler is when the truck is unable to stop safely and evenly and jack knifes. A jackknifing 18-wheeler can actually crush the cars by careening over concrete barriers and flying into oncoming traffic.

There is not a single type of Bensalem Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney John M. Kenny has not handled in a Pennsylvania  or New Jersey court. Experience and knowledge accumulated in over 30 years can pay big dividends to a Bensalem 18-wheeler accident victim as well as to the loved ones of a person who has been killed by 18-wheeler driver negligence. Call Bensalem 18-wheeler accident lawyer John M. Kenney today.