Bristol Automobile Accident Attorney

Causes of Automobile Accidents
Bristol automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney knows that people can be the victim of negligent and reckless drivers who break the law and whose actions result in automobile accidents that cause serious injuries and fatalities. No matter what the cause of negligence, the Law Offices of John M, Kenney stand ready to use their extensive knowledge and intelligent expertise in every aspect of personal injury law to help you to receive reimbursement for unpaid medical expenses and compensation for lost income and pain and suffering. There are many traffic violations that have a high probability of causing catastrophic automobile accidents.

Texting and Driving
One of the most frequent causes of automobile accidents is texting. Texting is sending a text message to someone else by typing on your smartphone. Typing on a smartphone requires that you take your eyes off the road and this behavior responsible for an increasingly large number of automobile accidents.

Next to texting, speeding is often cited for car crashes and accidents. If one is speeding, the reaction time is reduced and so is one's ability to stop quickly or negotiate a curve in the road.

Driving under the influence is one of the most serious of all automobile-related crimes and the punishments for driving under the influence are stiff. Drinking and driving is frequently cited as the cause of several automobile accidents every year causing drunk driving-related fatalities.

Driving Drowsy
Failing to get the required rest or driving late at night when you are normally sleeping can cause you to drift off, drift into opposing lane and into a head-on accident.

These are just a few of the many traffic violations that have a high likelihood of leading to an automobile accident. Since 1983, the Law Office of John M. Kenney has been representing victims of car accidents with the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the maximum amount of damage awards to which you are entitled. Call Bristol automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney today.