Bristol Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney

Bristol Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney John M. Kenney fights for people who have been injured and the loved ones of those killed due to the negligence of 18-wheeler drivers. Mr. Kenney has tried many court cases involving large 18-wheelers and big rigs.

Because of their enormous size and weight, if you are involved in a wreck with an 18-wheeler, chances are you in the automobile will be the loser. Most 18-wheeler accidents involve multiple autos and several deaths. As we previously mentioned, when driving it is a good idea to give 18-wheelers plenty of room and to not take chances when passing. That said, it is critical for the driver of the automobile to take the unique characteristics of the 18- wheeler  into consideration. Sharing the highway with 18-wheeler are a fact of life all of us are forced to deal with.

Passing an 18-wheeler on the Highway
An 18-wheeler takes approximately 1.2 seconds more to stop than the average automobile. When traveling at 55 miles per hour, that means the length of 1 or 2 football fields. When you pass an 18-wheeler, do not be in a big hurry to return to the slower lane in front of the big rig as you probably will not be giving them enough room to stop should you have to stop or slow down in front of it.

Passing an 18-wheeler on the Right
In city traffic, an 18-wheeler must swing into the left lane in order to create a turning radius sufficient to make a right-hand turn. When they do so, do not be tempted to pass them on the right. When they make their right turn, the rear wheels can roll over your automobile and crush its occupants.

These are a couple safety tips that you should remember when driving near 18-wheeler on our major highways and city streets. The best advice is to always keep as far away from 18-wheelers as possible and if you must pass them, wait until you are well in front of them to pull back into the slower lane.

 If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or any other type of vehicle, please call Bristol Pennsylvania 18-wheeler accident attorney John M.  Kenney today.