Croydon DUI Attorney

Croydon DUI Attorney fights for you even when a conviction for DUI seems inevitable. Just because you have been convicted of DUI doesn't mean that you must go to jail. It may be possible to plea bargain to a lesser charge or negotiate a lighter sentence. In addition to a fine or in lieu of a jail sentence, you may receive a probationary sentence and be required to undergo drug and alcohol counseling, perform community service for a time or lose your driver's license.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling
Alcohol abuse is almost always is a progressive and debilitating condition that lead to progressively more and more potentially illegal  behavior. Alcohol abuse can become a chronic problem that can only be solved by the intervention into one's life of a drug and alcohol treatment program. Because of the potential for a motor vehicle accident to cause serious injuries and death to innocent people, it is imperative that any court-mandated drug and alcohol treatment program be treated seriously and followed through to its completion. Failure to do so may result in jail time or loss of one's driver's license.

Community Service
Most of the time, ordinary upstanding citizens fall victim to DUI prosecution and whenever possible we'll seek to reduce or eliminate any jail time that you may have to face and replace it with a lighter sentence of community service. This will give you the opportunity to pay for the mistake that you made all while giving back to society in a positive way. Cleaning up roadside garbage, speaking about your situation in front of organizations, and volunteering are all means for you to serve your community.

Loss of Driver's License
Losing your drivers license is tantamount to losing your freedom as you will be forced to constantly rely on the charity of other to get around. Going to work, shopping and leisure activities will all become challenging if you are not free to just jump behind the wheel of your car  and drive.

When you are arrested for DUI your freedom is instantly on the line. As unappealing and intrusive into one's life as these programs may be, they are nothing compared to being locked up in a jail cell. If you are convicted or plead guilty to DUI, you need a Croydon DUI attorney that understands the ramifications a conviction can have on all areas of your life. We will fight and negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you don't go to jail but instead, are given a sentence where a public service is an option.