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There are not many types of 18-wheeler accidents Feasterville attorney John M. Kenny has not handled in court. Each and every case is different in terms of the facts surrounding your 18-wheeler accident and the extent of a victim's injuries. Experience and knowledge accumulated in over 30 years can result in winning your case. We represent the 18-wheeler accident victim as well as the loved ones of a person who has been killed by 18-wheeler driver negligence. Call Feasterville 18-wheeler accident lawyer John M. Kenney today.

Facts About 18-Wheeler Accidents
18-wheelers are largely thought of as a necessary evil on our nation's highways. Most people would gladly ban them if all they had to take into consideration was motor vehicle safety. Few people, however, would vote to get rid of 18-wheelers if it meant having to do without many of the products and services they transport or if they had to pay much more for them.

18-wheeler accidents can involve error on the part of the automobile driver where the unique characteristics of the 18- wheeler were not taken into consideration. An 18-wheeler has less visibility, takes longer to stop, and has a much wider turning radius than that of a typical automobile.

18-wheelers weigh up to 20 times as much as an automobile and when the two collide, it is the passenger and driver of the smaller vehicle that are seriously injured or killed. Most victims are the driver and the passenger of the motor vehicle and most deaths are caused by crushing.

Sometimes an unstable load in an 18-wheelers trailer can cause it to tip over and crush the occupants of the motor vehicle on its side. Unstable loads can also cause an 18-wheeler to jack knife out of control when trying to stop quickly.

The most common reasons why the drivers of 18-wheelers are negligent and responsible for causing motor vehicle accidents are lack of sleep, driving long hours to meet a deadline, and speeding

Over 70% of all 18-wheeler accidents involve at least one other vehicle. Of all truck crashes about 1 percent or 3400 resulted in at least one fatality.

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