Feasterville Automobile Accident Attorney

Feasterville automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney has been representing people who have been the victims of the negligence and carelessness of others for over 30 years. Mr. Kenney is knowledgeable and experienced and has the necessary expertise in personal injury law to help you to get the maximum amount of compensation for your damages that you deserve. Don't settle for a Feasterville automobile accident attorney that is using your case for on-the-job training.

An experienced Feasterville automobile accident attorney, John Kenney knows how challenging it can be to gather evidence that proves negligence, and how important it is to get the ball rolling right away. You need to gather as much in the way of official documentation as soon as it is available. This way events are fresh in people's minds, and also ensures that critical evidence doesn't mysteriously disappear which is sometimes the case. When you put us to work representing you, we will immediately start to build your case by gathering official police reports, interviewing witnesses, starting a file for your medical bills, and also acquiring and taking photographs that illustrate the damage to your vehicle. All in all, we have the experience in personal liability litigation that will leave no stone unturned in gathering all of the evidence we need.

The Law firm of John M. Kenney also knows the intricacies of dealing with the lawyers for your insurance company. The goal of insurance companies, both yours and the defendant's, is to avoid making a payout or limiting the payout to the minimum possible.  A once friendly, passive insurance representative can instantly become an aggressive adversary and you need a lawyer with experience in how to handle this frequently-occurring situation. You would think that it would be easy to present evidence of damages such as medical bills, police reports, auto repair bills, and the like but it rarely is. Your claim will be challenged every step of the way and you need a lawyer who will fight the insurance companies with an equal or greater level of competence. Our personal injury law firm is the one to hire to ensure that your rights are enforced in and out of court to get a fair and equitable settlement.

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in a Feasterville automobile accident, please call the Law Office of John M. Kenney today at (215) 547-3031 and ask for John.