Levittown Automobile Accident Attorney

Since 1983, Levittown automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney has represented victims of car accidents with skill and compassion. Through zealous negotiations, John has the experience necessary to obtain the maximum settlement to which you may be entitled. Our experience tells us that in the aftermath of an automobile accident, you are in no condition to try and go it alone. You need to call us as there are steps we can take as attorneys to secure key evidence to build a case for you to sue the negligent or reckless parties.

Secure the Police Report
The first thing we will do is to secure the police reports of the accident. The police report contains key information about the other driver such as whether or not drugs or alcohol were suspected or if the other driver was charged. It will also tell if the driver of the other vehicle was speeding or made an illegal stop or turn.

Eyewitness Testimony
We will also get the names of any witnesses and interview them. Eyewitness testimony is some of the strongest evidence that we can collect and is particularly powerful of several eyewitness corroborate your side of the description of what took place.

We will collect any photos of the accident that were taken to support our case for the negligence of the other person. A picture says 1000 words and is powerful evidence to prove who was at fault.

Medical Bill File
In addition, you are urged to create a file and save all of your medical bills and receipts in the order that they were received. This way we can sum up the total medical expenses you've paid and can extrapolate this number into the future. Keep all of your bank statements that show the amounts that you paid for treatments.

If no one was found to be at fault for the accident, we can help you to accurately file your no-fault insurance claim. Please contact Levittown Automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney for a free consultation. We will discuss your legal rights, possible sources of compensation like insurance companies and give you our honest assessment of your case. Make your first call to us.