Legal Guidance for Levittown Residents Facing Charges or Filing for Bankruptcy

Levittown is a planned community and large suburb of Philadelphia, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Bill Levitt and Alfred Levitt designed the single-family homes of this community. Most of the land was purchased in 1951, and at that time the houses required a low down payment. While building, each member of the construction crew had only one task, and they moved from house to house completing that task. Today, the town is home to the Bucks County St. Patrick's Day parade. If you need an experienced bankruptcy or criminal defense attorney to protect your rights near Levittown, you should considering contacting John M. Kenney. He has the knowledge and dedication to help pursue your needs and goals.

Mount a Strong Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can result in very serious consequences. While most people associate crime with strangers, some of the most serious or alarming offenses occur between people in intimate relationships. Harassment, for example, is a crime that is sometimes committed by people who were once in an intimate or household relationship. If this is the case, the crime may be considered domestic violence. Once an arrest is made for domestic violence in Pennsylvania, a victim loses the power to drop the charges. Whether or not a crime is prosecuted depends on the prosecutor.

Illegal harassment includes shoving or kicking, threatening somebody with physical harm, following someone in a public place, repeatedly doing things that serve no purpose except to alarm or annoy or harass the victim, using obscene language, communicating repeatedly and anonymously with the victim, and repeatedly trying to communicate with someone at very inconvenient times. In Pennsylvania, harassment can be treated as a third-degree misdemeanor or a summary charge. If you are convicted, a judge may sentence you to up to one year in jail.

Seek Relief from Debts and Creditor Harassment

Filing for bankruptcy can be a sound decision when you have substantial debts and constant creditor harassment. One of the benefits of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an automatic stay on all collection activities. The "automatic stay" means that debt collectors are prohibited from calling you, writing to you, suing you, or taking any other steps to collect a debt. They must stop as soon as they are notified you are filing for bankruptcy.

The goal of filing for bankruptcy is to obtain a "discharge" of your debts. When a discharge of debt is obtained, your liability for debts is removed entirely. You will no longer be responsible for repaying them. Therefore, bankruptcy is most helpful for those who have substantial credit card, medical, or other consumer debt. However, not all debts are dischargeable. For example, alimony, child support, and student loans are not dischargeable. If most of your debts involve nondischargeable debts, filing for bankruptcy will not help you.

Explore Your Options with a Levittown Attorney

Knowledgeable criminal defense and bankruptcy lawyer John M. Kenney can work to fight the charges against you or reorganize your finances in the Levittown area. If it is not possible to obtain a dismissal or reduction in your criminal matter, he can take your case to trial. Mr. Kenney also can help you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact him at (215) 547-3031 or by completing our online form.