Lower Makefield Automobile Accident Attorney

Lower Makefield automobile accident attorney John M. Kenney is a  knowledgeable legal advocate with over 30 years experience making personal injury claims. Having successfully tried or settled hundreds of automobile accident cases, John knows first-hand just how costly auto accidents can be. Putting the important emotional and psychological damages aside for a moment, there are real, quantifiable statistics that pinpoint just how much a person has at stake when they suffer even a minor injury in a Lower Makefield automobile accident.

In 2015, over 40,000 minor injuries were sustained by those involved in automobile accidents in Pennsylvania at a total cost of over $300 million. That figure breaks down to approximately $7,500 for a simple minor injury such as a broken arm or leg. Moderate injuries, in which there were 12,500 in 2015, accounted for almost $1.2 billion in total costs, translating to about $95,000 per incident. An example of a moderate injury is one to an internal organ that might require surgery. The cost of major injuries to those injured was over $4.3 billion dollars. A major injury could be a loss of a limb, loss of eyesight or paralysis. Finally, injuries that included death, 1,200 occurrences in 2015, cost the families of the deceased almost $8 billion dollars or in other words, about $6.5 million per death!

As you can readily ascertain without getting too bogged down in the minutia of statistics, a person can easily be financially ruined by an automobile accident and if you are injured in one, or have had a loved one killed the law office of John M. Kenney is at the ready, awaiting your phone call, to help you to get the monetary compensation you deserve.