Morrisville DUI Defense Attorney

Morrisville DUI defense attorney John M. Kenney will explore every possibility for your defense and will keep you abreast of all of your options. If you have no criminal record or DUI convictions and are charged with a DUI, we may consider whether or not you are eligible for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program. The benefits for those who are allowed to participate in this program are that you will not have a DUI charge on your public criminal record and you will not lose you driver's license. Morrisville DUI attorney John M. Kenney can explain every detail of this program to you.

Lawmakers know that people sometimes simply make a mistake and are not habitual offenders. As such, and without taking the teeth out of enforcing tough DUI laws, the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program offers you an alternative to going to trial, possibly being convicted, and potentially having to go to jail. It's a one-time chance and is not offered to repeat offenders. If you are accepted and successfully complete the program, the charges against you may be dismissed and you will not go to jail. Since you will have much fewer court appearances, your case will be disposed of faster and the result can be reduced legal fees as well. The courts are happy as this lightens the already overwhelming burden DUI cases present on the court and judges. The Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program has the potential to be win-win for all parties involved.

If your DUI case involved no serious injuries and if you have a relatively clean driving record, we can apply for admission to the program. Applying to the program does not mean that you will not need an experienced and knowledgeable Morrisville DUI defense attorney. On the contrary, now is the time to make sure that you follow the procedures of the program to the tee and we have successfully done so many times in the past. We will guide you every step of the way in completing the initial application properly so that it can be reviewed and verified by the program's administrator. We will then accompany you to your interview with the program administrator.  Call Morrisville DUI defense attorney John M. Kenney today.