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Located below the falls of the Delaware River in Bucks County, Morrisville is a Pennsylvania borough with a population of over 8,000 residents as of 2010. The original settlement in this location grew around a ferry crossing called Colvin's Ferry, and the area was incorporated in 1804. The borough was named for a merchant and banker who helped fund the American Revolution. Famous people from Morrisville include basketball player Lavoy Allen, House of Representatives member Willard Curtin, Founding Father George Clymer, and former football player Dick Hart. Legal trouble can be very stressful. If you are dealing with significant debt and have to file for bankruptcy in the Morrisville area, or you are facing criminal charges there, experienced lawyer John M. Kenney can help protect your rights.

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

Pennsylvania residents who are thinking of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 must complete a credit counseling course and file a bankruptcy petition and other forms in bankruptcy court. This process may offer a sound solution to debt troubles for those who have significant consumer debt and have little hope of negotiating with their creditors. In general, it is not a wise solution if you do not owe much or if your creditor is amenable to negotiating a payment plan directly.

Chapter 13 allows you to keep most of your possessions by requiring you to repay a significant chunk of your debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to save some of your possessions by using "exemptions." In Pennsylvania, you can use state exemptions or the federal bankruptcy exemptions. You must choose the system and stick with it, rather than picking and choosing which exemptions you use from both systems. In Pennsylvania, there is no homestead exemption, but you can protect equity in your home if you and your spouse own it as a tenancy by the entirety or if you choose the federal bankruptcy exemption system. When you choose the federal bankruptcy exemption system, you and your spouse can double the exemption amounts and protect up to $43,250 of equity in your home.

Fighting Charges of Assault in Pennsylvania

Assault is a common criminal charge, either as a stand-alone offense or connected to other alleged acts. The Pennsylvania criminal justice system defines two types of assault: simple and aggravated assault. Simple assault generally requires a prosecutor to prove that the defendant intentionally, knowingly or recklessly tried to injure the victim, the defendant negligently injured the victim with a deadly weapon, or the defendant tried to use physical menace to intimidate the victim and make him or her fear imminent serious injury. By contrast, aggravated assault generally requires a prosecutor to prove that the defendant caused serious bodily harm to the victim and showed an extreme indifference to the value of human life, or caused a policeman, firefighter, parole officer, sheriff, enforcement agent, or correctional officer to feel fear of serious physical injury.

Some common defenses to assault in Pennsylvania are to show that the defendant lacked intent or knowledge to harm, no bodily injury happened, the defendant was exercising self-defense, the defendant was provoked, or the defendant was involuntarily intoxicated.

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