Newtown 18-wheeler accident attorney

Newtown 18-wheeler accident attorney John M. Kenney represents the victims of negligence due to crushing accidents involving 18-wheelers. Mr. Kenney represents the families of those victims who were involved in a collision with massive 18-wheelers. People die every day on Newtown Pennsylvania and New Jersey highways due to the negligence of 18-wheeler drivers.

No one needs to be told how dangerous it is to be involved in an automobile accident with an 18-wheeler. The mere size and weight of big rigs can crush the occupants of an automobile to death and this is often the case. The ways an 18-wheeler can crush an automobile is in rear-end collisions, tip-overs, and when making a right-hand turn.

Imagine one's fear when stopped at a stop sign and looking into the rear-view mirror and seeing an 18-wheeler barreling down on you. What might have been only a fender bender if there were two autos involved and at best minor injuries can now turn into a gruesome crushing 18-wheeler accident where all of the passengers in the automobile are killed.

Tipping over on to an automobile that is running side by side to a tractor trailer is another frequent cause of 18-wheeler crushing accidents. The trailer end of an 18-wheeler can become unstable if its cargo is not properly distributed with the trailer. Going around a bend or curve in the highway can cause the trailer to tip over and crush a motor vehicle trying to pass on the right or the left.

A third frequent type of crushing accident involving 18-wheelers is when the 18-wheeler tries to make a right-hand turn. To do so the big rig must first pull into the left lane in order to get the turning radius the rear of the trailer needs. A driver may mistake the 18-wheeler is going to turn left and not right and attempt to pass the truck on the right. When the right-hand turn is executed, the rear wheels of the 18-wheeler can run right over the car on the right.