Newtown Automobile Accident Attorney

As an experienced Newtown automobile accident attorney, John M. Kenney can guide you every step of the way toward achieving the monetary settlement you deserve. Mr. Kenney knows that being patient and compassionate in the aftermath of an automobile accident, one of life's most difficult and stressful events, can make a client feel comfortable and at ease, and also lessen the anxiety that a victim may be suffering from. When you make that first free call to John M. Kenney you will schedule a meeting to get together face-to-face to discuss the type of monetary damages you might expect from your Newtown automobile accident.

While no two Newtown automobile accident cases are alike, there is a framework that attorneys work within to access the damages you have and estimate the amounts. The first thing we do is to estimate the injury damages you might have, and in doing so we'll give you an estimate as to the value of your case. We will add up your medical expenses, the amount of salary you've lost from being out of work, and the details pertaining to how the accident caused the injuries. We will give you an estimate as to what we think you can sue for. You are not under any obligation to take us at our word and we encourage you to get a second opinion if you are so inclined. Rest assured, however, with our years of experience having successfully litigated hundreds of automobile accident cases, the number we give you will be  a good one based on our sound judgment.

Preparing your injury damages amount requires that you keep good records of the expenses you have incurred directly related to your accident. The courts may require original medical bills, a log of your doctor and rehabilitation visits, any special equipment or home modification you have had to buy or make, automobile mileage logs and the like. Three months of salary stubs or paycheck vouchers should also be collected to verify your income. It is often a good idea to pay for all of your treatment with a debit or credit card in order to produce a monthly statement of all of your expenses, and to save all of your medical bills in a separate file from your other bills.

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in a Newtown automobile accident, give the law offices of John M. Kenney a call for a free consultation at (215) 547-3031.