Newtown DUI Defense Attorney

Newtown DUI defense attorney John M. Kenney can help you if you are required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle or vehicles. If this is your second and subsequent DUI conviction you'll need to comply the court's order to install the device. You need to put one on each of your vehicles and also to keep them on for one year for every DUI conviction you've had. There is no expiration date to getting  DUI in regard to this. Even if the first offense was 20 years ago, the second is the second.

An ignition interlock device requires that the driver take and pass a breath test before they are able to start the motor vehicle. The current pre-set level of blood alcohol that will prevent the vehicle from starting is .025 percent. Above this level you vehicle will not start.

If a person is convicted of two or more DUI's, they must install an ignition interlock device on every vehicle that they own, lease or otherwise have control over starting one year after the person's driver's license suspension is over. The device cost over $1000 to lease. A special instruction period is also required as the administrators check to verify the vehicles that the person has control over. Fines and imprisonment can be the penalties for failing to install an ignition interlock on all vehicles.

There are a few steps you have to follow to be able to install the device on your vehicle. First, you will receive a restoration requirements letter that includes an application for the ignition interlock license around 30 days prior to your eligibility date. You should truthfully, and promptly complete the application and get it back to PennDOT as soon as you can. After you have set up an appointment at a registered garage, you will bring your vehicle in. You'll need to have the registration with you if the vehicle is in your name or the registered owner of the vehicle needs to be present. Make sure you also have proof of insurance and the registration letter with you.

Complying with the requirements to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicles is costly and inconvenient. Do everything you can to defend yourself against the charge of DUI by calling the Newtown DUI defense team at the Law Office of John M. Kenney today.