Yardley DUI Defense Attorney

Compassionate Yardley DUI defense attorney John M. Kenney can relate to the anquish of parents who have had a young one involved in an automobile accident involving drugs and alcohol. One of the most disconcerting statistics pertaining to DUI deaths in Yardley Pennsylvania is the number of young adults, those age 16-30 that are killed every year in automobile accidents where alcohol or drugs were a factor.

In the years leading up to now, alcohol was involved in approximately 28% of all Pennsylvania automobile accident-related fatalities, and in young adults, 43% of all auto accident deaths were caused by a drunk driver. In 2014, 244 out of the total of 282 alcohol-related victims were the drunk driver and passenger of the same vehicle. Most accidents involving alcohol that caused deaths happened after dark and on the weekends when most young people consume drugs and alcohol. 13% of all alcohol-related fatalities happen to the other non-drinking driver. That means that approximately 10-15 innocent people lose their lives in Pennsylvania every year due to the negligence of drunk drivers.

In 2014, in the age group 21-25 there was a total of 2,386 young adults involved in auto accidents, For 26-30-year-olds, there were 1200 accidents and for 31-35-year-olds, 1,222 accidents involving alcohol. Even 16-20-year-olds had 667 alcohol-related automobile accidents that year.

Source: https://padui.org/crash-facts/

Keeping Intoxicated Youths Off The Road
Clearly more needs to be done to address the scourge that alcohol is playing in the lives of our young people who are dying in record numbers due to driving under the influence. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sobriety checkpoints have the potential to prevent nearly 1 out of 10 DUI-related deaths. Sobriety checkpoints are roadblocks police set up at random locations to stop vehicles and check the driver's sobriety from alcohol or drugs. Even though the police technically need to have probable cause before stopping someone, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that their benefits outweigh their intrusion on this right and allow them.

If you have been stopped at a Pennsylvania DUI checkpoint, arrested and charged with a DUI, you need a Yardley DUI defense lawyer who can help you understand, negotiate, and ultimately reduce the charges laid against you, and also in the event that it becomes necessary, take your case to trial. Make the call to John M, Kenney, Yardley DUI defense lawyer today.