Bensalem DUI Attorney

Basic DUI Advice for First-Timers
Bensalem DUI Attorney has been defending local residents charged with DUI for over 20 years and knows that the first time you are arrested and charged with DUI can be the most stressful and harrowing experience of your life. Fear of the unknown will naturally make you feel uncomfortable and the police know this. When you are arrested, interrogators will tell you that confessing will make you feel better and they will encourage you to talk about the events that led up to your arrest, i.e., "how many drinks did you have", or "where were you drinking?". Their questions are loaded and merely answering them imply an admission of guilt on your part. You should know your rights in advance as well as what you must do if you are pulled over and how to avoid making self-incriminating statements. Here are the basics of what you should know pertaining to your first DUI arrest.

Probable Cause
The police need to have a probable cause to suspect that you have violated a traffic law to pull you over in the first place.

Reasonable Suspicion
The police need to have had a reasonable suspicion that you are driving while intoxicated before arresting you.

Miranda Warnings
The police must read you your Miranda Warnings such as having the right to remain silent before arresting you.

The Right to Remain Silent
Your most based and important of all rights is that against self-incrimination. You do not have to answer any question that police put to you.

The Right to an Attorney
You should make an immediate phone call to John M. Kenney, DUI defense attorney. Let Mr. Kenney do all of the talking for you as he has been here many times before.

The Right to Refuse Field Sobriety Testing
There's no passing a field sobriety test so don't do them.

If you are pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence, stay calm and don't panic. You have a long list of rights that we will vigorously defend. Call Bensalem DUI defense attorney John M. Kenney today.